OBS Tutorial Series Scenes And Sources 2019

And there’s a lot wrong here okay there’s a lot of there’s a lot of good elements here but they’re all used drawing like first of all what bothers me the most about this busy screen is that the game is stretched drawing like the game is not supposed to be at the resolution this is a game that looks like this actually and it should be and I would have it if I were making the scene choice change I’d make is this like never mind that I probably wouldn’t have to ticker bars some people like to do that you know that’s your own preference what you want to get out of your stream it’s up to you but you want to make sure that everything looks nice and that the game is tvmelayu

The primary focus it is a Twitter stream after all so generally it should be pretty large right like it should be pretty large as large as you can get it I would say that’s my advice you want to make sure that you chat if you have it on-screen and any other messages are readable which is definitely not the case here neon green really kind of takes away from the background neon yellow and all these other weird colors not really merging together really well and I would advise to tone down on the imagery in general like a bunch of animated gifts probably not

The best thing to permanently etch into your stream things like that you know you just want to take into account what the viewer thinks your stream you really don’t like this kind of quality when you come in by you looking for something to watch I wouldn’t be able to watch something like this too long but uh that’s it for now thanks for coming guys we’ll see you next time i’ll be talking about audio and OBS take it easy