Best The Basics of Church Tv3 Malaysia Live Streaming

And pipe it into your streaming software your streaming software will stream your camera or cameras to wherever you want to whether that be a website youtube Facebook etc for your streaming computer I would highly recommend using a PC computer and not a Mac now I’m a total Mac guy but for streaming a Windows PC is definitely the way to go I won’t get into detail about computer specs but you’ll want to start out with a faster I 5 or i7 processor at least 8 gigs of ram a 900 or 1000 series gtx video card by Nvidia and a video capture card or video capture device Tv3 Malaysia

The video capture card device is what brings your live video into your computer capture cards can range anywhere from 1 to 4 HDMI inputs or 1 to 8 SDI inputs if you want to run multiple cameras or inputs into your computer you could get a capture card with 4 inputs and switch between 4 different cameras or input devices now remember the more inputs that you have on your computer the more CPU and GPU usage you will sustain so make sure that you have a powerful enough computer before you start adding tons of cameras I have a list of different video capture cards in the description below so check those out after the video lastly you need your streaming software this is the software that’s going to stream and many times mix your different input sources together some of

The popular streaming programs are vmix Wirecast OBS live stream studio flash media live encoder vid blaster and more personally I highly recommend using V mix it is by far the best streaming program hands-down all will argue until I am blue in the face V mix is the best now V mix is not paying me to promote their product it’s just the best our church has been using it for the last eight years and it is the best of the best there are a million features it’s inexpensive versatile user-friendly