How to Go LIVE with a Computer or Smartphone

The right side it actually walks you through a live streaming checklist now when you go live with stream now you do need an encoder now what that’s gonna be is a piece of software there are free versions called like OBS open broadcast software you can download that and if you work for it for a while and watch some youtube tutorials you can figure it out I also have used things like wire cast I currently doing a lot of stuff with V mix when I go live here on youtube and nowadays youtube will not only let you-you could set it to 720 1080 P you can even stream in 4k and if you wanted to you would do it with this stream now feature and so Tv3 Malaysia

The key here is that whatever software encoder that you’re using you would go into it and you would enter your server URL and your private stream key now I’m not going to click reveal because if I did you could use my stream key to go live on my channel but once you’ve got those two things entered into your software you can then just click go live on your software and you’ll start streaming immediately and you can use other kind of higher quality setups so I actually have a Panasonic gh4 it goes with an HDMI cable into a capture card in the PC here and so it’s a little bit more advanced I still use this microphone we have the light so again whether you just go live with a simple webcam maybe a few accessories whether you use a mobile device Google Hangouts or if you want to you know eventually upgrade

And be a little more fancy what I like about that is using my software I can really share Krispy footage from the GH five really sure my screen nice and crispy and really accomplish the kind of things that we like to do here on think media if you’ve ever watched our live streams that we typically do usually once a week or so here on this channel that’s how we do it is with this setup and actually for more a complete list of the gear and how we do all of that we have a full video out about that as well so I’ll link that up on the youtube card alright so those are the four ways to go live but one other tip is I encourage you to turn on super chat so again you’ll go into your creator studio click on channel and where you enable all of the kind of back-end features of your youtube channel when you turn on super chat now that will make it so that people can actually donate money while you’re going live