The Nutcracker 3D

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The Nutcracker was a very touching movie. Some parts are kind of creepy, though (it doesn't really look like it but it is)! The movie is about two kids who have an uncle who is fascinated with toys. Almost every year, he gives them something toy related and this year, he gave Mary a nutcracker. She thought it was very valuable to her. Turns out, the nutcracker talks and he used to be a real prince. But, there's a Rat King and Queen who put a spell on him and have taken over his country; Mary tries to help him to get his country back.

I liked The Nutcracker. I liked that the toys came to life, every single one, and I liked that it was a musical. The most creepy part is the Rat King and Queen: they bite other people and their teeth really are huge when they want to chop something, I mean, gums spread out everywhere and back teeth come forward. This movie might be a little scary to little kids. I think you should see the movie in 3D because you actually could see a lot of things with the 3D. The Nutcracker 3D doesn't make you want to see the ballet but for a movie, it was really good.

by Monkey Riley

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